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2.1. How do I declare a major in mathematics or statistics & data science?

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsProspective StudentsHow do I declare a major in mathematics or statistics & data science?

You officially declare a major in Mathematics or Statistics & Data Science (SDS) by completing our online information session (see link on the left side of this page), then meeting with an advisor in the Math Center. You will receive information on scheduling the meeting at the end of the info session.

When you meet with an advisor, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the Math Center and ask questions not answered in the info session. The Math Center also assigns faculty advisors to students for more personalized in-depth advising, once students have progressed in the major. In addition, you may want to ask for information about opportunities for math or SDS majors to get involved in research experiences, internships, campus activities (including the MathCats and/or Risk Runners clubs), and career exploration.

Note: if you are an incoming student adding Mathematics or Statistics & Data Science as a second major/degree, we will not be able to declare it for you until after your orientation. Please hold your request until then. We will be happy to answer questions in the meantime!

Math or SDS majors who wish to add another major or change their major to something else will need to contact the department offering the new major.  The Advising Resource Center on campus maintains a directory of major advisors.

Questions?  The Math Center is happy to help; just send us an email.


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