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6.7. MATH 323 and 396L changes - 2020

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsCurriculum ChangesMATH 323 and 396L changes - 2020

The Math Center would like to inform our math majors and minors about some changes to MATH 323 and 396L beginning with summer and fall 2020. Until now, the prerequisite for MATH 323 was MATH 313 (with a D or better). MATH 396L (the 1-unit Wildcat Proofs workshop) was an optional way to get extra proof-writing practice.

Logic and proof-writing are essential skills for mathematicians; to improve the outcomes and the student experience for 323, we have adjusted the pre- and co-requisites. From now on, students who earn a C or higher in MATH 313 will be eligible to go on to MATH 323. However, students who earn a D in MATH 313 will have to take an additional proof-focused course - either MATH 243 or 315 - or repeat 313 for a better grade before moving forward.

In addition, students with a C or lower in 313 will be required to enroll in MATH 396L concurrently with 323. The content of this course will align more closely with that of 323, and students in other proof-based courses will no longer be able to enroll in 396L.

The enrollment requirements for MATH 323 have already been changed.


Q: I earned a D in MATH 313, but what if I took CSC 245 and earned a C or better in that? I hear it's similar to MATH 243.

A: Yes, CSC 245 is similar to MATH 243 and will also satisfy the requirement.

Q: I took Intro to Linear Algebra somewhere else, and it appears as MATH 215 in my record. Am I eligible for MATH 323?

A: Yes. You must have earned a C or better in the course in order for the credit to transfer. Your course will be evaluated just like MATH 313.

Q: I need to repeat MATH 323. Do I also need MATH 396L? 

A: We strongly recommend it. While UAccess will not require you to take 396L if you earned an A or B in MATH 313, the need to repeat MATH 323 suggests that you would benefit from also taking MATH 396L.

Q: During the Spring 2020 COVID-19 situation, I changed my MATH 313 course to pass/fail grading. How does this affect my eligibility for 323? 

A: Earning a P grade in MATH 313 for Spring 2020 only will be treated as equivalent to a C (these students may enroll in MATH 323 but will also be required to enroll in MATH 396L). Students who earn an F in MATH 313 in Spring 2020 will have to repeat the course for a regular grade.