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3.1. How can I get help with my MATH or DATA class?

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsCurrent Continuing StudentsHow can I get help with my MATH or DATA class?

The university offers free tutoring for your class! See below for details.

ThinkTank: This is an important resource for anyone in lower-division courses. ThinkTank has math tutoring in many different styles, times, and locations. Make sure you are aware of what they have to offer, and take advantage!

Math Department Tutoring: The Math Department offers free tutoring services for MATH 129 and above. For details, see 

Office hours: Every course instructor holds office hours when students can ask questions about coursework or policies. Make a habit of attending these and getting to know your instructors. If you have a time conflict with the posted office hours, your instructor should be able to meet with you at a different time upon request.

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