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4.3. 500-Level (Graduate) Courses

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsHonors500-Level (Graduate) Courses

500 Level (Graduate) Courses

Juniors and Seniors who are members of the Franke Honors College may enroll in 500-level courses for undergraduate honors credit. (Seniors who are not in the Honors College may also enroll in 500-level courses, if approved by the instructor, head of the department offering the course, and Dean of the Graduate College.) Students who are interested in this option should first speak to their departmental faculty advisor. Instructions for enrollment are here.

Some of our 500-level classes are co-convened with 400-level classes; these may directly substitute for the 400-level version (e.g. MATH 515A Intro to Abstract Algebra substitutes for MATH 415A Intro to Abstract Algebra). 

Recent math/sds majors have enrolled in the following graduate courses, just to give you an idea of what is available:

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