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4.5. Honors FAQ

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Q. If I am not a member of the Franke Honors College, but graduate with a high GPA, will I still be recognized in some way?

A. Yes! Graduation with Academic Distinction (also known as Latin Honors) is independent of membership in the Honors College. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher will receive these honors on their transcript and diploma. Details are available in the catalog.

The Math Department also honors our students who maintain a 4.0 GPA in their Math or SDS major up to their final semester. Watch for email communication about this recognition if it applies to you.

High achieving students may also be invited to join ΦΒΚ (Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society). Note that if you are invited to join and wish to do so, you must join prior to graduation. If you have questions about this honor, please feel free to contact Dr. Tom Fleming,

Q. Can any instructor supervise an honors contract?

A. Yes, if they are willing. Learn more on the honors contracts page

Q. Can any instructor supervise my honors thesis? 

A. No, there are some restrictions on this. First, the supervisor must be tenure-track. (Graduate Teaching Assistants, Instructional or Adjunct Faculty, and Lecturers are not allowed; if you are not sure, ask the potential supervisor to review the thesis advisor information and let you know if they are able to supervise your work. In addition, the faculty member should typically be a member of the department in which you are earning credit. In the Math Department, it can be possible to have a supervisor from another department if you also have a co-supervisor from our department to sign off on the project content and goals.

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