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7.7. 1 unit course options including supplemental instruction (SI)

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsRegistration and transcripts1 unit course options including supplemental instruction (SI)

At times, students may want/need to add to their schedule but a 3 unit course may be too much. There are also some unique courses available for 1 unit that may simply be of interest.

We highlight a few courses below; a more comprehensive list is also available (we try to update this file regularly since offerings change over time). 

DATA/MATH 195M - Math and SDS Major Colloquium

MATH 294A - Problem Solving Group Seminar 

DATA/MATH 395M - Career Exploration in Mathematics and Data Science (proposed to begin Fall 2024)

HNRS 321 - Ignite Proseminar (for students who plan to begin their honors thesis the following semester)

PFFP 196A - The MONEY Class: Financial Well-Being in College and Beyond

SBS 301A - Foundations of Mindfulness 
SBS 301B - Mindfulness Based Study Tools 
SBS 301C - Mindfulness Based Movement (note: A, B, and C may be taken in any order, or each can stand alone)

SBS 311 - Design Your Life  
SBS 411 - Design Your Search (for students engaging in a job or internship search)

Supplemental Instruction:

The Math Department offers 1 unit Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses to pair with the calculus sequence courses, MATH 196L, 196M, 196N, and 196V. We also offer MATH 396L, the Wildcat Proofs Workshop to pair with MATH 323 (Formal Mathematical Reasoning and Writing). Some students are required to take MATH 396L, depending on their grade in MATH 313; it is encouraged for all students to provide additional practice with proofs and mathematical reasoning.



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