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8.2. NEW: Accelerated MS in Applied Math

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The Department of Mathematics and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) in Applied Mathematics offer an Applied Mathematics accelerated BS/MS program for undergraduate students interested in obtaining a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. The Applied Mathematics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program offers wide-ranging interdisciplinary training and opportunities for rewarding careers with an MS degree.  Students earning the Applied Mathematics MS degree are also well prepared for considering to continue to a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

The undergraduate mathematics major has several emphases, and students interested in this accelerated program should choose the applied emphasis.  The Applied Mathematics MS degree consists of 30 units of coursework, 12 of which students in the accelerated program will complete by the end of their senior year.  To prepare for the coursework, students should take MATH 422 or MATH 425, ideally in their junior year.

The core courses of the Applied Mathematics MS degree are the following three year-long sequences:

The final exams in these core courses also serve as qualifying exams for the Applied Mathematics PhD degree.  Students thus have the opportunity to fulfill the qualifying exam component of the Applied Math PhD program and consider further pursuing the PhD degree.

Further credit requirements are the following:

In the MATH 586 and 599 coursework, student gain exposure to and participate in research projects.

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*While 3.3 is the minimum GPA officially required, a more realistic GPA expectation is 3.7.