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4.9. I have college math credit. What course can I take next?

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)MATH Credit by Exam & Transfer CreditsI have college math credit. What course can I take next?

If you have college math credit, you may qualify for UA MATH or other courses.  Note that high school dual enrollment credit does not guarantee you are ready for the next UA Math course. You should review the final exam study guides to make sure you are ready.  

Find out how AP, IB, Cambridge, CLEP and other credits transfer.

Course registration and transfer prerequisites, in general:

The chart below gives the transfer or dual enrollment prerequisite for some of our courses. 

Transfer Math Credit/Prerequisite 

Next Course 

*denotes that transfer prerequisite it must be less than 2 years old, or student will need to take the PPL Assessment. 

Recommended review to make sure you know the content of UArizona courses. 
Intermediate Algebra like PIma MAT 095/097 Math *106,  *107  
Math 107,  Understanding Data SBS 200, ISTA 116,  *Math 302A  
Math 112, College Algebra 

Courses listed above and 

Math *113, *116 (after MIS 111), *120R, *119A, 163, *263

AREC 239, MCB 181L/R, CHEM 141/151, PHYS 102, other courses 



Math 113, Elements of Calculus

Math 116, Calculus Concepts for Business

Courses listed above and 

*Math 120R

Review UA Math 112 Final Exam Study Guide
Math 120R, Calculus Preparation Courses listed above and MATH*122A/B Review UA Math 120R Exam Study Guides
Math 122B or Math 125, Calculus I Math 129 Review UA Math 122B/125 Final Exam Study Guide
Math 129, Calculus II Math 223, Math 254, Math 313 Review UA Math 129 Final Exam Study Guide 
Other Math credit Check here, or consult your advisor See course webpages.

If you are a first year student, you may also qualify through sufficient SAT or ACT Math scores.  Student may also be able to take the PPL Assessment to try to qualify for a Math course. SAT, ACT, and PPL score expire after 1 year.