The University of Arizona

4.12. Credit by Exam

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)MATH Credit by Exam & Transfer CreditsCredit by Exam

Generally students will earn Math credit by exam through the CLEP Examination process.

In limited circumstances, the Math Department may approve a UA Credit by Exam. The available courses for Credit by Exam may change over time.  To see if a course has the option to earn Credit by Exam, look in the UA Course Catalog. In the course description of a particular course, you should see a Course Attribute that says "Special Exam Credit Only" if the Credit by Exam option is offered. If this course attribute is not stated, then Credit by Exam is not offered for that course.

Note that you must demonstrate that you are a good candidate for credit by exam in order to be allowed to take one through the Math Department.  To see if you qualify for credit by exam for a UA Math course, please fill out the online Credit by Exam request form.

Students are allowed only one attempt at credit by exam for a particular course and if offered,  is generally administered before the start of the semester.