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3.2. About Respondus Monitor and Online Proctoring

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)PPL Respondus Monitor Information and TroubleshootingAbout Respondus Monitor and Online Proctoring

Respondus Monitor is an online proctoring service that is used for proctoring the PPL Assessment. Respondus Monitor is a secure testing browser that restricts students from accessing other applications.  Respondus Monitor uses students' webcams to record a video as they complete the PPL Assessment, and flags suspicious activity for the institution to review.  

When taking the PPL Assessment or any test using an online proctoring service, students are expected to take it as if they were in an in-person proctored environment.  No outside materials, websites, videos, people, notes or assistance of an kind is allowed.   The testing session must be recorded in order for the PPL score to be valid.  Violations of testing rules or suspicious behavior will result in an invalidated test score and may be reported to the Dean of Students.