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1.5. MPLF scores for FY students

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We created some  MPLF scores that correspond to college math credit.

MPLF Score Transfer Credit
541 statistics (GSTA, 163, 263) or Math 107 credit
641 Math 112 credit (less than 2 years old) 
661 Math 120R credit (less than 2 years old)
810 Math 122B transfer credit
815 Math 125 AP credit
820 Math 129 credit
830 Math 223 credit

At or after FY orientation, if you think a student should be enrolled in a course,  but was dropped or didn't get it, it may be because
they already have credit that was verified through the Math Placement Office.  Check their Next Steps Center Math Placement message if you are not sure.

Other MPLF scores