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7.5. Math 106- For Students in the College of Education

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)First and Second Year Math CoursesMath 106- For Students in the College of Education

Math 106 - Exploring and Understanding Patterns, Functions, and Modeling for Elementary Teachers (3 credits)

Description: This course explores algebraic thinking from early childhood through middle school, with a focus on the different conceptions of algebra, including generalized arithmetic; patterns and functions; and modeling. Students will examine the different topics in K-8 algebra from an advanced perspective. Examinations are proctored.

Placement Level:  PPL score of 18-100% , SAT I MSS 500-800, ACT MATH 18-36 required.  Test scores expire after 2 years for Math 106 and 107 only. SAT/ACT placement is for first year students only. 

Prerequisite: Recent Intermediate Algebra course like Pima MAT 095 or 097 completed within the last 2 years.  Math 100 is not a prerequisite, students must qualify through the Math 100 final. 

If my scores are lower than the Placement Level:  Take Math 100, then Math 106

Comments: This course is generally for majors within the College of Education. This course cannot be used as a prerequisite for any other mathematics courses including Math 108 or 112 (except Math 302A for Elementary Education.) If you think you might change your major to one that does not allow Math 106, you should consider Math 107 or 112 instead.