The University of Arizona

7.8. Math 112- College Algebra

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)First and Second Year Math CoursesMath 112- College Algebra

MATH 112 -- College Algebra Concepts and Applications  (3 units)

Description:  Topics include properties of functions and graphs, linear and quadratic equations, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions with applications. Students are expected to have a graphing calculator. 

Placement Level: ALEKS PPL score of 40-100% ,  SAT I MSS 560-800, ACT MATH 24-36  required.  Test scores expire after one year. SAT/ACT placement is generally for first year students only. 

If my scores are lower than the Placement Level: Take Math 100, then Math 112

Comments: UA MATH 112 is a prerequisite to UA Math 113 (C or higher required) , 116 (C or higher and MIS 111/BE 120 required), 119A, 120R, 163 and other courses.