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7.10. Math 116- Calculus for Business and Related Majors

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)First and Second Year Math CoursesMath 116- Calculus for Business and Related Majors

Math 116 – Calculus Concepts for Business Majors (3 credits)

Description:  Introductory topics in differential and integral calculus: particular emphasis on understanding the principal concepts and their applications to business. Graphing calculators are used for further understanding these concepts.

Placement Level: ALEKS PPL score of 60-100% , SAT I MSS 640-800, ACT MATH 26-36, or UA Math 112 (grade of C or higher) required for placement into this course.  Test scores expire after one year. SAT/ACT placement is generally for first year students only. 

If my scores are lower than the Placement Level: Math 100, then Math 112 (grade of C or higher) (and MIS 111/BE 120), then Math 116.  Students can also take Math 116 after taking Math 120R (and MIS 111/BE 120). 

Transfer math prerequisites must be less than 2 years old to place a student into Math 116. 

Comments: This course is for all majors within Eller College and a few in Ag and Life Sciences.  Because this course is a survey of calculus for business related majors, it cannot be used to satisfy the Math 122B/125 requirement and cannot be used as a prerequisite to additional calculus courses such as Math 122A, 122B, 125, or 129. Students who need Calculus I should take Math 120R, then 122A/B instead. Generally available in Spring as students must also have completed MIS 111 or ABE 120 to be eligible.