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7.13. Math 263- Intro to Statistics and BioStatistics

Math Placement, Transfer Credit/Credit by Exam, PPL (Math Placement Test)First and Second Year Math CoursesMath 263- Intro to Statistics and BioStatistics

MATH 263- Introduction to Statistics and BioStatistics (3 credits)

Description: Organizing data; distributions, measures of center and spread, scatterplots, nonlinear models and transformations, correlation, regression. Design of experiments: models from probability, discrete and continuous random variables, normal distributions, sampling distributions, the central limit theorem. Statistical inference; confidence intervals and test of significance, t procedures, inference for count data, two-way tables and chi-square procedures, inference for regression, analysis of variance.

Placement Level: ALEKS PPL score of 60-100% , SAT I MSS 640-800, ACT MATH 26-36, or UA Math 112, 120R, 122B, or 125 required for placement into this course.  Test scores expire after one year. SAT/ACT placement is generally for first year students only. 

If my scores are lower than the Placement Level:  Math 100, then Math 112, although students should first complete their foundation math requirement before taking Math 263.  Students who have credit for Math 120R, 122B or 125 also qualify to enroll in Math 163.  Transfer credit must be less than 2 years old. 

Comments: Math 263 is not a prerequisite to other math courses.  This course is a more thorough treatment of statistics for majors in the College of Science, Physiology, and a few other majors. Recommended as a second semester course or later, after foundation math requirement has been completed.